WYS - Services

Software Consulting

Our business consultants put emphasis on fully understanding your business model. Based on this knowledge they advise you about the software solutions that best add value to your business. Either through investment in new solutions, improved IT architecture or usability, or by creating even better integration between existing software solutions.

Our developers build customer-tailored, business critical software solutions supporting you with case management system, development of customized systems, Integration of standard solutions.



Automation, Integration & Self-Service

  • We specialize in automation, integration and self-service solutions and these areas are closely linked together.
  • Integration is a prerequisite to automate as workflows often take place between several components.
  • Self-service solutions help create fewer internal workflows and external users can enter the data
  • Integration is necessary because self-service solutions must be integrated with all relevant business systems.

Get the Best Team for The Job

  • We take pride in setting up the team that best solves the challenges of our customers.
  • Our Solution helps you to contact with your vendors that you want to work with ease.
  • At Our Consulting, we take the overall responsibility for ensuring that your IT solution is delivered by the best team.

Application Management Outsourcing

  • If you need help with ongoing operations, maintenance and further development of your solutions, you can outsource all or parts of your application management to us.
  • With our application management service, you are assured a long-term, well-orchestrated procedure that ensures that the application always lives up to your needs and requirements

Key Benefits

  • At WYS our Digital Transformation team helps companies in identifying gaps and closes the gaps in departments by customized development.
  • We specialize in creating custom designed enterprise mobility applications for businesses and helps in maximizing the benefits you get from them.
  • With Cloud computing it’s easier to reduce operational expenses, boost innovation, unleash new possibilities and realize your strategic IT objective faster.
Company Management
  • Business process automation is supported to deals with event-driven, mission-critical and core processes.
  • We help organizations in solving the IT problems with the help of customized software design.
  • Our IT Solution engineer and fine-tune our search and data analytics solutions for customers worldwide.
  • We have adept consultants and experts who help in planning, implementation and support your application.