Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivable

Account receivable handles financial transaction made between organizations output and customer.

Account payable and account receivable maintain personal accounts either of creditors or debtors, by maintaining sub ledgers which are currency fluctuation accounts, control account etc. as an integral part of General Ledger (GL).

All invoices that is awaiting payment from customers are tracked by this module. Its key functionalities are:

  • Account classification for control and reconciliation.
  • Credit management online.
  • As per degrees of severity reminder letters are sent.
  • Review Aging Analysis Reports.
  • Late payment interest.
  • Customer statements.
Accounts Receivable

WYS Enterprise Solutions accounting module shows near future debt obligation as it is a part of current aspects and also helps to generate data for liquidity ratio like current ration and quick ratio.



Automated Email

  • With an automated email feature, you have the ability to simply set up who should receive an email one time, create the email template and then let the accounts receivable software do the rest of the work.

Online Bill Pay

  • Our system provides online bill pay feature that allows customers to open a personalized payment portal where they can look at open invoices and make payments immediately.

Invoice Dispute Management

  • The longer an invoice sits in dispute, the less chance you will have on collecting the full amount.
  • Accounts receivable software automatically escalates disputes to the correct person handling them.

Key Benefits

  • Provides quick, efficient information entry
  • Full Integration with General Ledger, Inventory, Sales Order
  • Single payment may be applied to multiple customer accounts and single payments may be applied to both customer and miscellaneous accounts
  • Multiple credit hold treatments allow control over customers who sometimes pay late or not at all.
  • Multiple payment options: cash, check, credit card, transfer and adjustment
  • At one screen view detailed payment history
Company Management
  • Recurring Invoices can be automatically generated weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Alternate Pricing options: Assign an alternate pricing code to an invoice line item or to a customer
  • Option of Detailed or Quick Entry of Payments
  • Update prices globally & Ability to e-mail statements
  • User Specific Quick Payment Entry Screens for data entry flexibility
  • Sold-To & Ship-To addresses can be viewed/edited after posting the Accounts Receivable Invoice

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