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Hr Reporting and Analysis Software


Analytical Reporting in HR Management

Most organizations accumulate a huge amount of information about employees during their work by daily, monthly, yearly basis. This leads to difficulties when trying to piece the data together. In this case, HR Reporting software is used to focus on solving data consolidation problems, Managing Hr Process by audit and investigation reports.

Automation of the analytical reporting process speeds up the analysis of information when making management decisions, reduces the labor intensity of routine processes.

WYS is a Hr Reproting Software specialist. Our Hr software allows you to collect information from various sources, unify the presentation, cleanse of redundant and incorrect information to generate accurate reports.

Accurate information displayed in HR-reporting will help employees of different services and levels to quickly make informed management decisions in any situation related to personnel issues.

HRMS System of WYS Philippines provides you all sort of required reports and analysis reports from all the HRMS modules. Payroll system software allows you to run your own payroll and manage all your payroll processes in-house, including printing checks, reporting, forms, and managing direct deposits and payroll taxes.

  • Master Reports
  • Attendance Reports
  • Employee Shift Allocation Report
  • Leave Reports
  • Attendance Regularization Reports
  • Out Duty Reports

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