Warehouse management

Warehouse Management


Warehouse Management

WYS ERP provide high performance warehouse management for active control of all processes and material flow with all resources available in warehouse. It is designed to grow alongside business when requirement changes.

This ensures seamless updates with current and future details, nonetheless whether it’s on cloud or on premises. With WYS ERP you optimize every stage of your warehouse, helping you to reduce logistics costs and outperform the competition.

The easily customizable warehouse management system (WMS) ensures maximum flexibility and expandability.

Warehouse Management

Warehousing provides a comprehensive management system with complete visibility and inventory control for effective distribution logistics. Data accuracy is improved by warehousing which also reduces administrative work and costs. System also allow user to make multiple data updates by single file data entry and it improves “on time full delivery” statistics. Warehouse management lowers hassle of data-entry and streamlines workflow by linking warehouse processes to providers and supply chain management.



Quality Assurance (QA)

  • QA provides ability to store vendor / product / SKU sample testing criteria and store product specifications.
  • Support for vendor compliance and reporting a vendor “scorecard” of key metrics, on-time delivery and receiving error.
  • Warehouse management provides status reporting of problem receipts to warehousing and merchandising staff for resolution.
  • Marking in retail, direct and wholesale customer print and ticket formats.

Put Away

  • Once stock is retrieved, products need to either be fill back orders or put away, cross docked to packing stations or shipping.
  • A warehouse management system will greatly assist with put away tasks by identifying storage type, capacity, and so on, as well as the profile characteristics and cube required.
  • Directed put away options supported based on system rules, storage parameters, product, velocity.

Receiving and Marking

  • Warehouse management delivers Advance Shipping Notices, better scheduling of receiving and put away personnel.
  • Ware house management supports capability to record carrier and/or vendor damage claims upon receiving.
  • Creating barcode license plates for pallets or item delivered.
  • System helps to Identify locations where product is received, and their quantity.
  • It eliminates paperwork and support status reporting of incoming receipts to warehousing and merchandising staff for resolution in runtime and with efficiency.

Inventory Control

  • Warehouse Management tracks inventory location and usage throughout the warehouse operations, at multiple locations, in multiple distribution centers and stores.
  • It maintains audit trail of every warehouse and items that have been stored from receipt through shipping by transaction type—sales, return, adjustment as well as where has this item been located. A warehouse management improves inventory control and accuracy, which allows to eliminate expensive and time-consuming year-end inventories.

Key Benefits

  • Focusing on real-time stock control system identify what is in a warehouse and balance the inventories of multiple storage.
  • Having a sophisticated warehouse management helps to ensure product availability.
Company Management
  • WYS ERP simplifies warehouse operations for any transmission information is updated in real time so there are no discrepancies that may cause errors
  • It supports better availability, quicker turnarounds, and higher return on investment.

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