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Cloud Based

Cloud-based solution also known as SaaS i.e. Software as a Service let users’ access to software apps which works on shared computing resources (ex. Memory, processing power) via net. Computing resources are handled at remote centers dedicated for hosting multiple applications on various platforms.

Cloud-based platform is open platform-as-a-service that delivers in-memory capabilities, special microservices and core platform services for constructing and extending intelligent, mobile enabled cloud applications. The platform is developed to facilitate digital evolution by supporting easy, quick and economic implementation of the needed application without o-premise infrastructure investment.

It refers to software deployment like hosting, but servers are virtualized. A complete solution is provided to users at affordable price. Pricing value is defined with respect to subscription packages and user can switch between them at any time. Enterprise Resource Planning software is accessed over the internet based on could-computing ERP. Technically the only difference between Cloud ERP and on-premises ERP is where software is physically located.

Cloud based solution is beneficial for small and medium-size businesses because it supports access to full-function applications at a reasonable value without a considerable upfront expenditure for software and hardware.




  • Securely integrate and seamlessly orchestrate business processes, decisions and data between cloud and on-premise applications in real-time.

Solution Extensibility

  • Utilize the acute enterprise by investing in Cloud platform compliance to serve business application with flexibility and innovation.

Digital Experience

  • Provide user with magnificent experiences over digital point of contacts and efficient user experience and development, flexibility, cooperation and user interaction.

Digital Transformation

  • Increase digital transformation by swiftly employing next-generation apps on cloud platform.
  • To meet business preferences, we manufacture and offer personalized mobile-enabled cloud applications.

Data Management & Analytics

  • Control analytical services and information management to shape an intelligent enterprise.
  • Working with advanced in-memory data management technology with analytics capabilities and data management On Cloud platforming allow users to act at instance from run-time data transaction.

Key Benefits

  • Data center provides IT support service reducing IT support service.
  • Eradicate paying upfront for software license in favor of monthly charges.
  • No need of any hardware set up or acquisition costs.
  • Fixed rate which companies can use for their business initiatives
  • Provide real-time data and insights to support app and analysis.
  • Digital business is supported by secured, high speed and scalable transactional applications.
Company Management
  • Avoid upfront prices for computing infrastructure such as data server and hardware.
  • As application is being cloud base cost of support and maintenance get reduced.
  • You get redundancy and data security and unlimited scalability.
  • Users are supported with complete recovery plan as all your data is being backed up
  • Being cloud based helps companies to expand geographical and makes it available any time anywhere.

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