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On Demand Reporting


On Demand Reporting

WYS ERP reports can be classified as forms such as order acknowledgments, invoices, payable checks, purchase orders, receivable statements, etc. Reports are managed which are generated on reoccurring basis. On demand reports are generally one-time reports.

Logical & Systematic Reports (Analytical) help analyze activities and show data. System also provide facility for its user to define their own custom reports based on requirement and available options. Company’s key performance is summarized at dashboard which provides a snapshot of business accomplishment.

WYS ERP generates three major types of reports which are Routine reports (generated at defined intervals) & Exception reports includes data that is outside certain standard. On demand reports are non-routine reports unlike routine reports.

Demand Reporting


Report Customization

  • On demand reporting refers to the ability of users to produce their own customized reports as per their need.
  • End-users can put together their queries they want for data result, system will display data clearly and in convenient layout.
  • On Demand Reporting can be used to have insight on sales, production, supply chains. It complements many reports within reporting system of WYS ERP.

Quick & Robust Analytics

  • End users can work more quickly, get intelligence in straightforward & act outside of a generated report schedule.
  • Robust reporting service enables real time visibility of stocks, account status, orders and sales. Analytics help management to pull data from the system to customize report virtually.
  • Reports can be sent to specific individuals automatically based on system’s defined criteria or identified timeframe.

Control user accessibility & maintain security

  • WYS ERP takes care of data security and accessibility.
  • System maintains security with respect to user’s access right also, which allow data visibility of certain reports to accessible users only by restricting other users who aren’t given permission to view.
  • Customized reports can be saved and made visible to all system users or for specific individuals as per its demand and necessity.

Key Benefits

  • Access level protection, and a secure validation process, limits viewing and downloading to only your authorized staff – ensuring privacy and security.
  • System maintains reports of current i.e. real time data which eliminates persistence of outdated data
Demand Reporting
  • Web reports allow your staff to focus on more mission-critical tasks which avoid manual formatting, printing, faxing and mailing processes.
  • Web-based reports run from anywhere, and at any time with accuracy.

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