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WYS ERP is an adaptive cloud-based collection of powerful backend business tools that makes it easy to create, publish and maintain your online shop. From sales to production and maintenance, WYS ERP is performance oriented and business tested ERP performer. We have paid very close attention to various business owners who have shared their desires for simplified business solution. With their input and our careful study of industries we developed real tools for today and tomorrows faced pace business landscape.

WYS ERP tracks raw materials, business resources, purchase orders, production status of business commitments. The application that make up the system share data across various departments includes sales, accounting, purchasing and manufacturing.


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ERP features

Product Features

We deliver features set for your success. With our powerful suite you will be well armed on the field of business as we put every ounce of our experience into ever line of code.
Sophisticated Content Management System
Content Management System
At the heart of WYS ERP is a sophisticated database driven CMS. Our software helps you publish SEO-friendly content that can help you to targets your audience. This provides tools for storing and retrieving content rapidly.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
WYS ERP is cloud-based for some very practical reasons: Speed and efficiency, No need for hardware and IT staff. Our cloud-based product supports automated upgrades, maintenance, Real time access, payment made easier and increased savings along with productivity in real time.
WYS ERP is Scalable
WYS ERP is Scalable
WYS ERP poses 3 versions, just right for you and your business. Once you choose a version, we can add custom functionality to address even your smallest desire. You get what you need in shortest span of time. Our system is capable of handling increased amount of work to achieve maximized productivity and performance.
Frontend Development
Frontend Development
To compete in today’s eCommerce market, mark your frontend needs to be top notch. With WYS ERP we have your covered. You can employ one of our tried and true template designs or have something customized specifically for your online business. We are providing SEO friendly and responsive websites.

Our Services

Unique Software Consulting
Software Consulting
We've got the experienced and expertise to lead you in the right direction.
Business Needs Analysis
Analysis helps to achieve the business goals and objectives.
Training Needs Of Off Site
ERP Training offers bespoke, cost-effective and flexible options.
Support Services
Support Services
All types of technical problems are supported by our skilled support team to provide clear and simple solution.