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WYS ERP unites all business process with technology to deliver complete package for manufacturing company whether it is continuous or discreate. Cloud based Manufacturing ERP software provides solution to bridge all the gaps among suppliers, customer and employee. Manufacturing ERP delivers powerful processing for stocking, ordering, engineer-to-order, recurring manufacturing.

Manufacturing Integration with ERP solution supports streamline business operations, contribute accurate pricing, evaluate total manufacturing valuation. Manufacturing ERP system integrated with CRM module for customer management, inventory, advanced planning, scheduling, and Accounting software to track finance transaction for effectively supporting capital business areas.

It helps to optimize production operations and keep tracking its planning to retrieve optimal stock control and to eliminate human errors. Production planning provides proper product configuration along with all necessary information. Critical data of every product is well maintained by our cloud-based solution. ERP contributes potential to manage materials, resource requirement and production.

Manufacturing qualifies to fulfill requirement at each phase of the product lifecycle. Manufacturing software accredit a real-time overview of the production and it schedules and reschedule tasks to contribute clear visibility to the team and fulfilling demand of customer at right time and right cost.


Key Benefits

  • Curb manufacturing cost significantly
  • Boost resource utilization to the fullest
  • Reduce manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Improved and controlled inventory and supply chain management
  • Optimum sales tracking and management
  • Improve customer service
  • Enable accurate and faster revenue tracking
  • Boost profitability
Company Management
  • Efficient management of engineering and manufacturing processes
  • Faster quote generation
  • Instant access to critical business data
  • Gain real-time visibility and key metrics
  • Boost operational efficiency
  • Improves capacity & Resource utilization
  • Focuses more on optimization of production and operational cost.

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